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Buckle In Buddy is a patented system which allows for the easiest, most efficient way to get a child in and out of a 5-point harness system and which works with every infant and toddler car seat on the market.

There is one strap/loop which automatically pulls the buckle forward when the child exits the seat and prevents the buckle from sliding back under their tush and/or legs. There are also two straps which couple with the shoulder-straps of the 5-point harness system which automatically pull the shoulder-straps to the side to prevent them from falling behind/under the child.

This system works so well that you can safely buckle a sleeping child into a car seat without waking them. No more lifting up legs and bottoms to dig for the buckle and no more begging your child to lean forward so you can dig out the shoulder-straps from behind them.

Everything is where you need it to get your child buckled in quickly and safely.

Unbuckled Buckle In Buddy

Buckle In Buddy - Unbuckled bear in car seat

Buckled Buckle In Buddy

Buckle In Buddy - Buckled bear in car seat

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"You have taken a frustrating task and made it simple. I never have to lift my daughter back out of her seat or dig under or around her to find her straps. Every parent or caregiver should have a Buckle In Buddy system."